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Re: Sly Guy Cigar Smokers

A favorite poem of mine ... For all who love a good cigar:

The Betrothed
Rudyard Kipling
“You must choose between me and your cigar.”  Breach of Prom...

Re: Sly Guy Cigar Smokers

Nothing like a good Macanudo
Quote from: Mikekoz13 on Today at 06:43:14 AMI love a good cigar and have a couple every week.

My current favorites:


Re: Sly Guy Cigar Smokers

I prefer a churchwarden pipe when out with the guys.

Re: Thoughts?

I have never noticed this before but I have 4-5 moles on my head.  Should I get them removed for "looks".  Is it expensive if its for cosmetic reas...

Re: Happy Martin Luther King Day

Very much true indeed!  I was taught to always look a person's inside and not the out.


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